Sabtu, 05 November 2016

Signs of bacterial infection chlamydia in pregnant women

Researchers in the field of health have found two types of bacteria chlamydia, the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis and Chlamydia pneumonia. Both of these bacteria are still classified into one of chlamydia disease is a disease that attacks and infects cells in the human reproductive system.

This disease will be a serious problem for the health of the sufferer if not treated immediately, but it becomes more dominant when infection occurs in pregnant women.
Pregnant women are women who are very sensitive to the disease caused by the bacterium. The disease will affect the health of the fetus babies conceived by pregnant women.

Some cases are often encountered by doctors in dealing with the disease showed that pregnant mothers are slower to identify and treat problems of the disease. This happens because of their lack of information and lack of health workers who provide health education in remote areas. Therefore, pregnant women do not care about and impressed ignore this disease.

Pregnant women infected with chlamydia disease
Pregnant mothers will potentially quite high against the chlamydia disease. This situation would be very worrying for the health and survival of fetal babies conceived by pregnant mothers.

The initial signs when a woman infected with the disease mentioned above briefly and clearly. When a pregnant woman has been infected, the disease cycle usually begins 1-3 weeks.

The cycle of this disease will disappear, but quickly it will continue to repeat infections infect pregnant women may even interfere with living cells that are in the womb of a mother.

The condition of pregnant women who are suffering from an infection that can lead to new disease that would interfere with the sense of vision baby later. bacterial infections can infect the baby's eyes are caused by the bacteria chlamydia regeneration becomes chlamydia pneumonia.

In other words, pregnant women who ignore the disease will find much more serious problems to the baby when it was born later that problem Chlamydia pneumonia infection. Pneumonia may damage the sense of sight to the baby, so it's likely the baby will be born normally.

Help and healing for pregnant women
Conditions in which women experience the physical symptoms unhealthy condition of the body is somewhat compromised, then you should immediately to carry out checks on doctors.

It was important to do so early symptoms can be observed and confirmed by a doctor. So that treatment measures will be carried out by a doctor so that the disease does not spread or infect the baby is in the fetus.

Pregnant women should always consult your physician when you get complaints and health problems and perform routine checks to be ascertained until complete recovery.

In addition, the healing that can be taken is immediately eaten healthy foods like fruits and vegetables fresh. It is not advisable if pregnant women consume drugs painkillers without a prescription from a doctor.

Prescription medication from a doctor should be used as a reference in order to avoid complications of the disease continues.

Kamis, 03 November 2016

Pets such as cats generally have proximity with humans

Pets such as cats generally have proximity with humans. This animal has a humorous and highly subject to the people who maintain it.

Cats prefer to close with people who can understand and feed him. Because these animals are so cute, so every time she approached and accompany his host.

On the other hand, men and women at the age of children, adolescents, adults to the elderly will take care of their pet cat attentively. Interrupted his busy, the host will take the time to bathe and spraying perfume on her cat.

To hone the ability of the cat, the host will teach clean living that must be endured by the cat. This is done in the form of exercise at home or at school cat training.

Perhaps on the basis that the host as the owner of the cat will seek comfort with playing with the cats. They will be entertained with funny behavior, even they will be made to laugh by the cat.

Chlamydia bacteria that grow in cats
The name of the bacterium is feline chlamydia bacteria. These bacteria are so different from the transmission that occurs in humans. The growth cycle of the bacteria through the respiratory tract cat characterized by shortness of breath and fever.

In cats infected with feline chlamydia bacteria will experience shortness of breath and lasts about 2-4 weeks. The bacteria can be transmitted to cats because of the following causes,
1. cat eating leftovers
2. rarely washed
3. often catch mice
4. immunity in cats decreases due to changes in weather

For people who keep cats were infected with the bacteria was better immediately quarantining or bring the cat to a veterinary clinic.

In the animal clinic, the cat will be examined by a veterinarian in several stages, namely
1. The examination of the reproductive system
2. eye examination in cats
3. The examination of the cat's saliva

After the examination, the next action to be taken by the physician is injecting a dose of antibiotics on the body of a cat. Antibiotics that are useful to increase immunity and destroy bacteria.

The host must stay away from cats that are being treated
Cats that are in a period of treatment should be maintained, but the host needs to keep a distance from the animal.

Strive to always wash your hands and change clothes after the visit of the treated cats. This is done as a precaution, and they prevent the bacteria chlamydia suffered by it will infect the host.

So it is necessary to carefully avoid the dangers of chlamydia.

Rabu, 02 November 2016

The origin of chlamydial disease and how to treat it

Chlamydia is derived from the Greek, meaning χλαμύδιας "veil". The disease is caused by the bacterium chlamydia trachomatous are multiplying inside the living cells of the human reproductive tract system. In men and women, these bacteria spread more quickly as a result of the normal relationship habits replace partners.

Sometimes the disease is less attention to minor symptoms which appear on their bodies. These symptoms tend to be seen more early when symptoms that interfere with reproductive organs. Generally, men and women will feel pain or pain in their organs.

Other symptoms often experienced pain in the joints, the head feels dizzy, vomiting repeatedly, back pain, high fever, appetite began to wane.

Health disorders in patients
People with chlamydia is characterized by symptoms are felt in the body such as,
1. pain in the joints,
2. The head feels dizzy,
3. vomited repeatedly,
4. a backache,
5. high fever,
6. The face becomes pale,
7. and appetite began to wane.

The above symptoms are health problems that are often seen in people with the disease. Although the patients have not felt or have infections in their reproductive systems, but very good when first aid for prevention. So the impact of the disease not to damage the health.

On the other hand, many consider chlamydial disease similar to HIV disease and AIDS as the cause of transmission has the same characteristics. Although these diseases have the same deployment cycle, but in the various cases handled many doctors showed that the disease can be treated to a full recovery.

The food is healthy and Relief of doctors
When patients do not consult a doctor, then the first aid that can be taken is immediately eaten healthy foods like fruits and vegetables fresh. Food is working to improve the body's cells and to build a more healthy diet and regular.

Take care to consume drugs from pharmacies, certainly very concerned when these drugs can trigger and increase pain or pain that is prolonged in patients with the disease. Not recommended if the patient chlamydia consumes drugs painkillers without a prescription from a doctor.

In this case, the prescription should be used as a reference in order to avoid complications of the disease continues. Therefore, the first aid that can be taken is to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables fresh.

In addition, the men will appear sores on the skin surface at the lymph nodes, then the first aid that can be done is to treat it with antibiotics. The treatment is only the first step in order to pain at the wound may be slowly improving.

So for the next step, the treatment can be done is to immediately consult a doctor in your town.

In many cases, the disease is adjudged by a doctor as the disease is easily cured. So the action does the doctor is quite simple and will cost a lot to cure the disease. Infection of this disease will be cured within 1-2 weeks and doctors will tend to warn patients to avoid direct contact with others.

Selasa, 01 November 2016

Know better about the symptoms of chlamydia

Chlamydia is a kind of disease that can be transmitted person to person. These types of diseases classified into species which is rare because someone would be difficult to recognize the signs that arise from that disease.

At first, the disease arises due to the behavior of free-living men and women between the couple. Generally, this disease does not show any symptoms in the body, however, mild symptoms that are commonly seen in people with chlamydia in the form of pus or whitish in male and female reproductive area.

When a person has been positively infected by this disease, the white fluid will seem out of the reproductive system of patients. In patients with chlamydia, the outer skin of the reproductive system will appear red and painful. The pain was slowly improving and followed the pain started returning to normal.

early symptoms of the above are to determine early signs of the disease so that it can be taken as soon as possible precautions or first aid to the patient.

Symptoms of chlamydia in people

Signs or symptoms that appear in men can be seen clearly on the urethra and other marks are the lymph nodes will experience swelling and appear red. If the swelling is not treated it will be formed holes on the surface of the gland.

Holes are formed that will come out pus and fluid redness accompanied by a foul odor.While symptoms in women can be easily recognized by the sufferer is the emergence of white or whitish liquid on the part of the female reproductive (in biological terms of this section is called the cervix / cervical).

Other symptoms often experienced by people with chlamydia are joint pain, headache, vomiting, back pain, high fever, and appetite began to wane.

Anyone with high potential can be infected with chlamydia

The spread of this disease starts at a young age to old. Chlamydia infection can occur as a result of the relationship between men and women. A pair of male-female relationships are not healthy can be seen from the promiscuity that triggered mutually couple continuously.

Anyone can be infected with this disease when the disease is not inevitable trigger early. Starting from a young age to old age. Of course, Chlamydia can be avoided by always faithful to your spouse each.

In addition to pregnant women are also highly susceptible to infection by this disease. This usually happens when a pregnant woman has a husband who is not faithful.

Even the young people who are still teenagers between the ages of 15-30 years is very vulnerable to behavior that is not healthy. So that the youth will be exposed to potentially higher chlamydia infection.

As if the disease would like to tell everyone that "If you want to be healthy and avoid chlamydia, then be faithful to your partner".

This disease actually is a mild disease and can be treated early. Therefore, the symptoms of the infection have been clearly identifiable and trigger the disease should still be avoided.

In circumstances where a person experiences the physical symptoms unhealthy condition of the body is somewhat compromised, then you should immediately to carry out checks on doctors. It was important to do so early symptoms can be observed and confirmed by the doctor concerned. Thus, treatment measures will be carried out by a doctor that the disease does not spread or infect other people.